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Election Inflections: Expanding the Electorate
November 3, 2016

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How Social Justice Movements Begin
May 14, 2016

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Why Latinos aren’t winning more elections
September 10, 2015

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Bay Area Leaders Join Oakland Residents: Now is the time to fix Prop 13

Last Saturday morning over 300 community members, local organizations and elected officials convened at a packed Town Hall in Oakland calling for reform to Prop 13’s commercial property loophole. The event, organized by the Make it Fair Coalition, called for a reform that would assess commercial real estate at its full and current market value,… read more

Growing Momentum and Urgency to Make It Fair: Close the Loophole and Invest in Local Communities

The Trump Administration’s plan to cut $2 trillion in taxes for the wealthy and multi-national corporations, vastly increase the military budget, and slash safety net, housing assistance and even Meals on Wheels is frightening and unconscionable. These “Robin-Hood-in-Reverse” policies—along with the ongoing efforts to dismantle the ACA—will present California with a massive deficit challenge. The “Make… read more

Towards a National Strategy: Building Independent State Based Power

While the spirit of resistance is strong, inspiring, and seemingly more widespread than any we have seen in recent decades, we know that resistance alone is insufficient to reverse the grave threats we face as a nation.Our movement’s responses have largely been about registering opposition to Trump, and slowing down or mitigating his agenda. Many… read more

Pushing Forward: Forging Statewide Collaborations

To build sufficient power advance social and economic justice, we need a coordinated movement. A key part of our strategy is to collaborate with the ecosystem of local and state organizations working to expand the electorate. Over the last 2 years California Calls has launched three power building projects in California: CALIFORNIA MILLION VOTERS PROJECT… read more

Join the California resistance. The 5 fights that will shape the future of our state and how you can join from day one.

Today a new administration enters the White House, formally ushering in a new moment in our fight and struggle for justice. As the architecture of this new government begins to take shape so does our battle against a dangerously divisive right wing and a staunchly pro-corporate agenda. For the past several months our collective movement… read more