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Make It Fair: How one Prop 13 Voter is Standing Up to Close Corporate Loopholes

When voters like Olivia Barbour went to the polls in 1978 to vote for Prop 13, there was no way for them to know the impact it would have on their community 30 years later. The 70 year old South LA resident is retired from the Air Force and moved to Los Angeles for the… read more

New USC Report Exposes Deep Inequities in California’s Property Tax System

A new report by the USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE), confirms deep inequities in the current commercial property tax system and the potential of significant revenue gains by closing Prop 13’s corporate tax loopholes and addressing its systemic flaws. Over the last two years, USC PERE analyzed commercial property tax records between… read more

4 Ways Grassroots Organizing made the difference in November 2014

As part of the ‘Yes on Prop 47’ campaign, California Calls Action Fund had one-on-one conversations with 145,282 new and occasional voters statewide in the four weeks before the November 2014 election.  100,754 voters said that they supported Prop 47 and on election day. 54% of them went to the polls – a turnout rate… read more