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Los Angeles is ready to close the loophole and “Make It Fair”

Last weekend 350 community members from across LA came together at Los Angeles Trade Tech College. They joined community leaders and local elected officials to talk about how we can use the power the community has built to close the commercial property tax loophole in Prop 13. Speaking at last weekend’s event were State Sen…. read more

San Bernardino Town Hall Ignites New Commitment to Reform Prop 13

Last Saturday nearly 200 community members packed into a small San Bernardino church to talk about closing the commercial property tax loophole in Prop 13 and raising $288 million a year for education and local services. The Town Hall – opened with a spoken word performance by local high school sophomore Sakinah Storks – focused… read more

Bay Area Leaders Join Oakland Residents: Now is the time to fix Prop 13

Last Saturday morning over 300 community members, local organizations and elected officials convened at a packed Town Hall in Oakland calling for reform to Prop 13’s commercial property loophole. The event, organized by the Make it Fair Coalition, called for a reform that would assess commercial real estate at its full and current market value,… read more