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Building Black Power and Infrastructure

Since the Voting Rights Act of 1965 passed, African American voters have been a powerful and consistent electoral force. For California, home to the fifth largest black population in the nation, this has translated as a powerful progressive political base central to passing policies that address community needs and electing policy makers who will advocate for… read more

Mobilizing 1 Million Strong in 2016 and Beyond

“Will voters turnout in November 2016?” That is the question on our minds after a record low voter turnout in 2014 and recent polls predicting that the country’s largest voting blocs will stay home on Election Day. California Calls’ answer to the question is a resounding “yes” – and we have a plan to make it happen… read more

From Stepping Stones to Seismic Shift

At the height of California’s fiscal crisis, California Calls set out a bold strategy: we proposed to mobilize half a million new and infrequent voters to build a new political pole in the electoral landscape. We believed then, as we do today, that our communities hold the power to shift our state onto a new… read more