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California Calls Celebrates Grandparents Day with 15,000 Seniors

Many Californians are facing the challenge of finding the care they need to stay in their homes as they age. On September 7th, 15,000 voters over the age of 55 joined California Calls for a Telephone Town Hall to discuss the future of long-term care in California. A panel of experts, which included Sarita Gupta, Co-Director… read more

76% of Voters Support Healthcare For All Californians

Since January of this year, millions of Californians have gained access to affordable healthcare thanks to the federal government’s passage of the Affordable Care Act and California’s implementation of the new law, including the expansion of Medi-Cal to cover more Californians than ever.  Millions more Californians who already had health insurance have benefitted from expanded… read more

Watered Down Bill to “Reform” Corporate Property Tax Loophole Dies in Committee

One of the several unintended consequences of Prop 13, the 1978 initiative that froze homeowner and commercial property tax rates, was creating a property tax system riddled with loopholes that give commercial property owners the ability to avoid paying billions in tax dollars for schools, libraries and critical neighborhood services.  Specifically, the “change of ownership”… read more