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4 Ways Grassroots Organizing made the difference in November 2014

As part of the ‘Yes on Prop 47’ campaign, California Calls Action Fund had one-on-one conversations with 145,282 new and occasional voters statewide in the four weeks before the November 2014 election.  100,754 voters said that they supported Prop 47 and on election day. 54% of them went to the polls – a turnout rate… read more

California Calls’ 7 Favorite Power Building Moments of 2014

For California Calls, 2014 was a year of deepening our alliance, building power in our communities, and preparation for 2016. To celebrate a powerful year, we put together a list of our 7 favorite moments of power building in 2014: 1. Prop 47 Gives Thousands of Californians a Chance for a Brighter Future. 20 years… read more

From Three-Strikes to Prison Reform: Organizing Wins

On Tuesday, two decades after 71% of Californians voted to pass the Three-Strikes initiative Prop 184, California passed a sweeping criminal justice reform that will stem the build-up of California’s overcrowded and broken prison system, and begin to repair the damage to thousands of families torn apart by repressive sentencing laws. Prop 47 passed with… read more