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Creating Change in South LA Through Grassroots Leadership

Developing new Black and Latino leadership in the community is at the center of the long-term organizing strategy at California Calls’ Los Angeles anchor organization, Community Coalition. Neighborhood leaders are responsible for the organization’s success in transforming South Los Angeles by winning public safety campaigns, keeping families together and fighting to strengthen public services. “At… read more

8 ways California Calls Anchors are Making a Difference Locally

The California Calls alliance came together in 2009 to advance long term change in statewide tax and fiscal policies to create a better future for the communities we serve. The statewide alliance is made up of 31 grassroots organizations in 12 counties of California working on a number of different issues to improve the lives… read more

California Budget Still Missing Permanent Solutions

In a state where 1 in 7 people are living in poverty and the top 1% of Californians earn in 1 week what middle-income Californians earn in 1 year, no Californian can look around and argue that there isn’t a need for greater tax fairness and a redistribution of resources. Now is the time to… read more