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The Million Voters Project: The Next Frontier for Shifting the California Electorate

Demographics are not destiny.  While California leads the nation in demographic change, progressive policy reforms, and powerful organizing, demographic shifts can be interrupted, reversed, or move to the right without sustained outreach, education and mobilization. The Million Voters Project, an alliance of 6 powerful state-based networks, is gearing up for their first step in strategically… read more

African-American Civic Engagement Project: Building Power in California’s Black Communities

Thank you to the generous support of the African American Civic Engagement Project Funders: Akonadi Foundation Black Civic Engagement Fund California Community Foundation The California Endowment The California Wellness Foundation The Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Foundation The James Irvine Foundation The San Francisco Foundation The Rosenberg Foundation The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation A new… read more

“We Are California”: California Calls pilots bold plan to take civic engagement to a new level

Since 2009, California Calls and our anchors have worked year-round engaging voters through a masterful amalgam of traditional organizing tactics and innovative technology. Transforming the electorate to represent the population has been a central focus and a success – with 500,000 new and occasional voters turning out in the November 2012 election, and over 620,000… read more