About California Calls

California Calls (501c3) and its sister organization California Calls Action Fund (501c4) is a powerful alliance of 30 local community-based organizations spanning urban, rural and suburban counties across the state. We engage, educate and motivate new and infrequent voters, including young people, communities of color, and poor and working-class neighborhoods to make sure who votes in California reflects who lives in California. Through our bottom-up approach, we organize people most impacted by decades of disinvestment, deteriorating public services, mass incarceration and growing inequality in support of systemic, progressive policy solutions. Working together and building the power of communities who are often left out of policy decisions, we believe we can reclaim the California Dream of equality, opportunity, and prosperity for all Californians.

With our headquarters in Los Angeles, remote staff based in the Bay Area, and partner organizations anchored in 14 counties, we advance state-based structural battles that strengthen democracy, fully fund schools, affordable housing and local services, and expand racial, gender and economic justice. Knowing no one organization alone can win the bold policies needed to address poverty and inequality, we strengthen the capacity and build collaborations with organizations across the state to build a strong movement capable of winning structural change.


The Opportunity: Strategic Communications Director

Dominant narratives are the “common sense” stories we learn and share—whether consciously or unconsciously—that uphold existing power dynamics. These stories hold values – like individualism, competition, an unregulated free market and racism – that divide communities and mute public support for policies that advance justice and equity.  California Calls seeks to build “narrative power” – new stories and a growing pipeline of messengers to inspire our communities to come together and fight for the changes we deserve.  We are seeking a Strategic Communications Director to develop and implement California Calls’ narrative and communications strategy, particularly for our statewide campaigns focused on progressive revenue and budgeting, housing and democracy.

The Opportunity: Integrated Voter Engagement Manager 

With over 22 million registered voters, California has one of the largest electorates in the nation.  While progress has been made in our state to increase the number of registered voters, we know that voter registration is just one piece of the puzzle to making sure who votes in California reflects who lives in California.  Our approach is called Integrated Voter Engagement – we engage in year round organizing of the voters who are neglected by traditional campaigns – low income communities, communities of color, young voters and immigrants, to build relationships, trust and a growing movement of people calling for structural solutions to poverty, disinvestment and staggering inequality. California Calls is seeking an Integrated Voter Engagement Manager to develop and implement our year round voter engagement programs to build relationships with these “neglected” voters and inspire them to vote.  

The Opportunity: Housing Legislative and Campaign Manager

California is facing a set of housing crises that profoundly impacts a broad set of social and economic outcomes for individuals, communities, and our state as a whole. Resolving the complicated issues at stake requires many solutions, but a growing cross section of power building organizations, equity advocates and other progressive leaders recognize that solutions within the current housing system will not lead to safe, affordable, stable housing for all Californians, particularly those at the lowest income levels. To achieve this vision, we need to invest in building a social housing system that holds a substantial supply of housing permanently off the speculative market. California Calls is seeking a Legislative and Campaign Manager to help lead analysis, research and campaign development for a new campaign to build public support and advance structural solutions to expand Social Housing in California.  

The Opportunity: Advancement Director

California Calls is seeking an Advancement Director to lead the creation and implementation of fundraising strategies for California Calls. Working with the Senior Management Team, the Advancement Director will oversee and manage fundraising efforts, cultivate relationships with foundations and individual donors, prepare grant proposals and reports, and communicate our strategic vision, program areas and impact through both written materials and verbal presentations. The projected California Calls Education Fund 2022 budget is estimated at $8 Million.  The Advancement Director reports to the Chief Executive Officer and supervises the Development Manager.