Monthly Archives: November 2011

Building an agenda to reform California

California Calls is proud to announce a developing policy agenda that can raise the necessary funding to close the structural $20 billion revenue shortfall. This developing agenda was crafted through extensive research and a series of collaboration meetings over the past year with over 50 progressive organizations around the state. California Calls looked at three…

Grooming a new generation of leaders: Camp Calls

California Calls’ strategy to inspire a new generation of voters is based on the simple idea that people respond best to people they know – their family, their friends and their neighbors. Deepening the skills and confidence of an army of thousands of grassroots leaders is critical to our ability to mobilize 500,000 occasional voters…

Every Day We’re Dialin’

Over 1,100 grassroots leaders are phoning and door-knocking in neighborhoods in ten counties of the state as California Calls winds down its sixth Civic Engagement Program this week. These leaders are working hard to identify voters ready to change California – to bring balance back to our budget by increasing taxes on the wealthiest Californians….