Monthly Archives: April 2012

California Calls Launches Spring Civic Engagement Program

In the middle of whirlwind of ballot measure activity, California Calls initiated its Spring Civic Engagement Program to reach out to more than 90,000 new and occasional voters in key counties, and identify supporters of tax and budget reform.  To date 78,935 individuals have been contacted, with 55,184 individuals identified as supporters of our long-term…

The Pressure’s On: 1,000,000 Signatures Needed by May 7th

The new measure requires 807,615 valid signatures to be submitted by May 7th.  We plan to collect as many signatures as possible from members, neighbors, workplaces and college campuses. Without qualifying and passing this initiative in November, California will automatically institute $5.4 billion in “trigger cuts” – further decimating K-12, higher education, and human services….

Demonstrating the Power of Everyday Exceptional People

In the last two weeks, 37 organizations regrouped in Southern California and the Bay Area pivoting plans to support and qualify a ground-breaking compromise initiative to raise billions in new revenue for California, stop draconian cuts to education and services, and begin to restore fairness to our tax system. This compromise represents a new turning…