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REPORT: Vaccine Outreach 2021

A new report, GOTV-Style Organizing to Vaccinate California’s Hardest Hit Communities, shares the impact of the Healthy Future California initiative, a collaboration between labor and community groups led by California Calls and GroundWorks Campaigns. The program utilized “Get Out the Vote” (GOTV)-style outreach to “Get Out the Vaccine.” Conducting outreach in low-income communities of color… read more

Breaking California’s “Third Rail”

A new report “BREAKING CALIFORNIA’S THIRD RAIL: A Reflection on Accomplishments, Lessons Learned, and the Road Ahead” summarizes the incredible range of activities waged by the Schools and Communities First (Prop 15) campaign and shares the key lessons from the 2020 election. The report also contains exciting analysis on voter turnout, as well as insightful polling… read more

Resources for an Anti-Racist Future

This is a growing list of resources, which includes a list of Black-centered organizations where folx may support local organizing efforts, follow on social media, or donate to. The list is organized by location with a majority of organizations based in California. A few educational resources are also shared below, including terms in other languages… read more