Election Protections for Nov. 2020

In coalition with advocacy, labor, immigration, women’s health, youth and environmental organizations as well as our grassroots anchor organizations, California Calls commends the governor’s Executive Order issued on May 8, 2020 as an important first step in implementing general election protections. Here is a statement from our President Anthony Thigpenn:

“California Calls thanks Governor Newsom for taking this important first step during this public health crisis to ensure our democracy works for all of us by providing vote by mail for every voter and calling for in-person voting requirements. While expanding vote-by-mail to every California voter is important, ensuring that there are robust, in-person voting options is just as, if not more, important to ensuring that historically underrepresented voters have access to the ballot box. It is imperative that the Legislature work closely with counties and community-based organizations to ensure they have the resources to execute a robust public education campaign that reaches every eligible California voter. We call on the legislature to go beyond the Executive Order and set firm in-person requirements to ensure all voters have safe and simple access to cast their ballots in November.”

Read the full SF Gate article about the Executive Order.