Pushing Forward: Forging Statewide Collaborations

To build sufficient power advance social and economic justice, we need a coordinated movement. A key part of our strategy is to collaborate with the ecosystem of local and state organizations working to expand the electorate.

Over the last 2 years California Calls has launched three power building projects in California:


California Calls 2017 brochure_v1.indd

This multi-year strategic collaboration is working to transform the California electorate to build towards bold transformative change by turning out one million voters to the polls. Bringing together the strongest community-based networks with significant integrated voter engagement experience, the MVP includes 47 local affiliates in 24 counties of the state and has welcomed in three new groups in 2017 – Asian American Pacific Islanders for Civic Engagement, the Orange County Table, and YVote . Together, we work to engage low-income residents, immigrants, youth and communities of color over time through one-to-one outreach and year-round education and organizing. In 2016, the MVP mounted signature gathering, voter registration, and get-out-the-vote activities, dramatically increasing voter turnout.


We Are Powerful

Recognizing the systemic, racial barriers that cause African-Americans to experience high rates of homelessness, incarceration, and unemployment—the African American Civic Engagement Project is a statewide effort to build the electoral power of African-Americans in traditional urban hubs and suburban areas. Twelve groups working in youth development, homeless and re-entry services, and women’s empowerment are now entering their second year of training and capacity building to reach and motivate Black voters. In November 2016, over 21,000 voters were contacted. In 2017, AACEP is working to re-contact these voters and encourage their involvement in local community meetings and other actions.



San Diego and Orange Counties, along with many places in the Central, Inland and Sacramento Valleys, represent a “fish hook” geographic pattern long considered a stronghold for traditional voters—older, more, and more conservative. However, these areas have experienced rapid demographic changes where younger, immigrant and Latino populations are increasing. Launched in early 2017, this project works with six community-based groups from the California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities program in youth services, environmental justice, health education and farmworker empowerment. California Calls and PICO California will provide support to train and pilot integrated voter engagement programs to increase the participation of underrepresented voters. Find out more about the Building Healthy Communities Integrated Voter Engagement Project, click here.