Health for All

1779259_644498062252490_1457950254_nGovernment’s job is to ensure that everyone has equal access to fundamental rights.

In order to live a healthy life, we all need access to quality, affordable care. That’s why California Calls has partnered with the California Endowment and the #Health4All campaign to help spread awareness to 40,000 voters about how we can expand healthcare coverage to all Californians.

Since January 2014, millions of Californians have gained access to affordable healthcare thanks to the federal government’s passage of the Affordable Care Act and California’s expansion of Medi-Cal. Now, more Californians than ever have health insurance and millions more, who already had health insurance coverage, expanded coverage for prescriptions, preventive care and mental health treatment.

But over 1 million Californians – grandparents who have built their lives and raised their families here, hard workers who pay taxes and contribute to our communities, and young adults who have lived here nearly their entire lives – are being denied access to quality, affordable health coverage just because of their immigration status.

Find out more about the #Health4All campaign and how you can help expand healthcare in California.