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CC_FH_Magenta-page-0_(2)After years of devastating budget cuts, California will finally see significant increases in funding for K-12 and Higher Education. But while revenues are temporarily going in the right direction even more funds are needed to restore all of the cuts that have been made.  We need to make sure California can provide essential services to our most vulnerable citizens, and help lift 8.7 million, including 2 million children, out of poverty.

California Calls believes that what our state needs is a long-term plan for raising revenues, getting funding where we need it the most, creating good jobs with family supporting wages so that no one lives in poverty while working full time, and a government that is responsive to the needs of our community.

Turning our state around won’t be easy, but if we work together we can have our voices heard and make the needs of our communities the priority for our elected leaders.

That’s why we need YOU to stand with us for California’s future. Will you pledge to vote in every election based on these three principles?

  1. Target Revenue to Communities Most in Need
  2. Increase Revenue to Restore Funding for Critical Services
  3. Expand Democracy

Do you believe that California can have a better future? By 2016, California Calls plans to engage 1 million voters, who are committed to voting in every election for policies that focus on equality and democracy.  Over ½ million voters have already added their name.  Add yours today and become one of the 1 million voters for California’s future.

Take a stand for California’s future today.

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By 2016, California Calls will engage 1 million voters to have their voices heard at the ballot box and in Sacramento. Help us spread the word and get your friends and family involved today in 3 simple steps:

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Find Out More

How will policies based on the three principles above effect your community? Find out more below:

Target Revenue to Communities Most in Need: Two decades of deep cuts to services like CalWORKS and In-Home Supportive Services have forced the most vulnerable Californians to live in persistent poverty. This year, as the state sees $6 billion in unanticipated revenue it is important that California’s spending priorities reflect the needs of our communities. Critical steps to address these needs include:

  • Prioritize funding for long term care, safety net programs, and access to health services for the most vulnerable members in our communities.
  • Implement the Affordable Care Act with sufficient funding to provide care to the uninsured.
  • Invest in nurses, librarians and counselors at every school site to create Healthy Kids & Healthy Minds.
  • Implement the Local Control Funding Formula by targeting local funds to the schools most in need.
  • Shift funds from prison expansion to long term policy solutions that reduce recidivism.

Increase Revenue to Restore Funding for Critical Services: Despite temporary relief felt through Prop 30, California still does not have the resources to restore the decades of cuts that our schools, roads and libraries have endured.  Each year California loses $77 million due to Commercial Property Change of Ownership tax loopholes which allow corporations to avoid property tax reassessment when a change of ownership occurs.  Closing corporate tax loopholes like this is an important step to raise needed revenue for the state budget so we can invest in programs that put our communities on a pathway to success.

Expand Democracy: Our democracy works best when more people participate. There are almost 6 million Californians who are eligible but not registered to vote, and barriers to voting disproportionately impact communities of color, young people, the working poor and the unemployed. Two ways we can increase the number of Californians who are participating in making important decisions for our state are:

  • Supporting voting rights of people who were formerly incarcerated. Currently 572,000 Californians are ineligible to vote because of laws that prohibit people that were formerly incarcerated from voting. It’s time to make sure these individuals can reach their full potential as voters.
  • We also have an historic opportunity to register millions of Californians to vote when they sign up for health care through the Affordable Care Act.  More than 5.3 million California residents are expected to sign up for insurance through Covered California, many of them potential new voters.

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