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80,000 California Voters Call for Reinvestment

Leading up to the final budget decision, California Calls conducted its 12th civic engagement campaign, contacting 98,833 voters statewide at their doors and on the phone between May 15th and June 3rd. During the three-week campaign, 700 grassroots leaders and volunteers spread out across the state in 12 counties asking voters to add their voice…

Looking Ahead: 1 Million Voters for the California Dream

2014 is a very big year for California. Over the past four years, we have worked hard to educate and engage 570,000 new and infrequent voters, get them to the polls in record numbers, and help restore funding to education and human services. In 2014, these voters will have many opportunities to speak out about…

California Calls stands up for Voter Rights

On November 15, California Calls and our anchor organizations joined a group of over 40 healthcare advocates, consumer advocates and grassroots community organizations from across the state calling on Covered California to comply with state and federal laws requiring they give Californians the opportunity to register to vote when they sign up for health insurance….