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California Calls stands up for Voter Rights

On November 15, California Calls and our anchor organizations joined a group of over 40 healthcare advocates, consumer advocates and grassroots community organizations from across the state calling on Covered California to comply with state and federal laws requiring they give Californians the opportunity to register to vote when they sign up for health insurance….

The Affordable Care Act: Engaging Voters Around Good Government

California Calls believes that there are things you shouldn’t have to worry about, like how you can afford to go to the doctor or having to choose between food and prescription medication. The Affordable Care Act helps ease these types of worries for millions of Californians. Enrollment for the new healthcare coverage started October 1…

Got Questions on the Affordable Healthcare Act? We’ve Got Answers

California Calls, along with the Courage Campaign, Health Access and Young Invincibles, will be hosting a telephone town hall on the Affordable Care Act Sunday, September 29 from 5 to 6 p.m. Come with your questions, and find out more about what benefits are available, who is eligible for these new health insurance options, and…