San Diego Town hall brings together community, students and educators to Make it Fair

22894385_2032500563662715_6356633703169949226_nLast week 125 community members and students came together at San Diego City College. They joined community leaders and educators to talk about how we can use the power the community has built to close the commercial property tax loophole in Prop 13.

Speaking at last night’s event were Andrea Guerrero, Executive Director of Alliance San Diego; Kisha Borden, Vice President of San Diego Education Association; Ismahan Abdullahi, Director of Community Partnerships and Civic Engagement at Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans; Richard Barrera, San Diego School Board Member; Professor Isaac Martin, University of San Diego; Professor Jim Miller, San Diego City College; and Professor Kelly Mayhew, San Diego City College.

Guests answered questions and provided more context about how over $804 million a year for education and services could transform San Diego County.

When asked how closing the loophole will impact homeowners, Professor Martin reiterated that the proposal will not change current protections for homeowners or renters. “The main way closing the loophole impacts homeowners and renters is through the public services you’ll receive.”

Ismahan Abdullahi from PANA challenged everyone to take on the fight to Make It Fair. She reminded the packed room, “The message we send if we don’t close this loophole in Prop 13 is that corporations are more important than people.”

The town hall was hosted by ACCE, Alliance San Diego, California Calls, CFT, CTA, League of Women Voters, PANA, Pillars of the Community, PICO California and San Diego Education Association.

Make it Fair will host the last community town hall for 2017 in Bakersfield on November 9th.