We Are Californians

What brings us together is that we love California. The vast and diverse land. The unparalleled natural beauty. The great wealth and the great people. We want to make California great again – family-friendly, with solid, family- supporting jobs, envy-of-the- world schools for our kids, and safe, fun neighborhoods. We believe itʼs up to us— everyday people —to make it happen. And we know that we can.

In 2008, five million more of us voted than in previous years because we had hope in something different. Wow. That showed us the extraordinary power of ordinary people standing up together. In 2010, this kind of voter power forced a new journey toward honesty in the state budget conversation.

What else could it do? It can re-ignite Californiaʼs golden promise. If even a fraction of us work together to restore common-sense democracy to our state government, make corporations pay their fair share of taxes, and if all of us vow just to vote regularly, we can make the California dream a reality again.