California Calls is statewide alliance of local organizations from throughout the Golden State including the Bay Area, the Central Valley, the Central Coast, Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, and San Diego.

We’ve joined together to renew the California Dream of opportunity and promise.

California Calls is building a base of 500,000 newly registered and infrequent voters who support long term tax and fiscal reform.  By inspiring voters who tend to be under-represented in California’s electorate–young people, immigrants, African-American, Asian-American and Latino families, and working people—our Alliance intends to shift the balance on California’s future.

California grew into the world’s eighth-largest economy by investing in the future —funding education, transportation, and job-creation. We built a world-class university system and our public schools were once the envy of the nation.

We became a national and world leader in health care, green energy, and agriculture.

Then we stopped investing in our future and our people. The results: one of the lowest per-pupil spending levels in the United States, (47th out of the 50 states) tuition hikes at our universities, cuts to programs for our most vulnerable residents.

California Calls came together in 2002 to begin correcting the downward course, to reform outdated tax laws and bad budget policies that drain our state of funds and hope.

It begins at the grassroots—people engaging and educating their neighbors and making sure they get out and vote.

In November 2012 we can make a powerful statement about what our families and neighbors need: good jobs, well-funded schools, outstanding colleges and universities, excellent roads and public transportation, a modern infrastructure and safety net programs that take care of our homes and families.

We can do one simple thing.

We can vote.

Join us.