Largest Community-Labor field program aims to deliver the winning margin on Prop 30

At California Calls, we recognize that a strong progressive movement is critical to restoring the California Dream. That’s why California Calls Action Fund is a proud member of Reclaim California’s Future, the powerful grassroots coalition of educators and community leaders that sponsored the Millionaires Tax, and has now built a growing and visible coalition in support of Prop 30 and against Prop 32.

Reclaim’s statewide field campaign will make its presence felt in 23 counties and aims to deliver 3-5% of the votes needed to pass Prop 30—over 250,000 ballots. This margin will be decisive in this race, which is tightening each day. Prop 30 has enjoyed majority support in polling throughout the last few months but has suffered in the face of attacks from a rival effort bankrolled by civil rights attorney and heiress Molly Munger and outright opposition funded by her brother Charles Munger.

Older, white, more affluent and conservative voters generally carry the day in California elections. The Reclaim California’s Future Coalition seeks to change this by reaching out to voters that most mainstream campaigns simply overlook. The coalition’s goal is to activate voters who can make the difference in the expected close election on Prop 30. The focus is on African-American, Latino, and Asian-American voters.

“Young voters and people of color are the least likely to vote, but are the most supportive of progressive solutions to fund education critical services and public safety like Prop 30,” said Anthony Thigpenn, Chairperson of California Calls. “To get these voters to the polls, our coalition is mobilizing thousands of volunteers from 80 organizations. We’re working from vote centers in 23 counties in every region of the state and talking to 500,000 new and occasional voters – from Auburn to Escondido. This is an unprecedented effort, the largest community-labor field effort ever put together to turn out 250,000 to the polls in California.”

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