California Calls Cares Across Generations

11003315264_656648cfaa_zThe proposed state budget includes an 8% cut in the total hours of care that over 400,000 elderly and disabled Californian’s will receive through In-Home Supportive Services. These cuts will also restrict the number of hours a caregiver may work each week to avoid overtime costs and force many low-income  recipients to hire additional support.

These harmful budget cuts affect every generation in our communities: seniors and disabled people who need these services, the “Sandwich” generation who is responsible for the care of both their parents and their own children, and “Millennials” whose grandparents are living longer than any generation before.

California Calls is joining the Caring Across Generations campaign to help address this major challenge—especially for low-income communities. Caring Across Generations is a national coalition of organizations that advances the belief that every American should be able to choose quality care that matches their needs; that every family has the necessary resources to care for their aging and disabled family members, and that care providers receive a fair wage and fair treatment in the workplace.

As part of Caring Across Generations, California Calls’ alliance members will have one-to-one conversations with 225,000 senior voters  about ways to improve Long-Term Care in California and make sure they are educated and motivated to vote in June and November for policies that benefit them. Senior-voters will also be contacted through telephone town hall meetings that will reach them in the comfort of their own homes and provide them with the answers they need about policy issues.

California’s seniors have spent their lives working hard.  Now is the time to return their investment and assure they can get the care they need. To find out more about Caring Across Generations visit their website: