$5 Billion More for California’s Future

California's Revenue Drought

In 2012 voters passed Proposition 30 to tax the wealthy and raise $6 billion for educations and services. This year was the first time that our schools received more funding, not cuts.

Proposition 30 was just the first drop in the bucket.
The next step is getting our legislative leaders to prioritize the needs of our communities. This year we have the opportunity to invest $5 billion to replenish the services hardest hit by Californian’s revenue drought in 4 ways:

  1. Fund communities most in need before saving money for a rainy day or paying down debts.
  2. Make corporations pay their fair share so our state has more revenue.
  3. Stop prison expansion and fund programs that create opportunity, increase safety and reduce recidivism.
  4. Reinvest unexpected income tax revenue into health and human services to help restore the cuts made during the recession.

Unfortunately, many legislators are suggesting that we prioritize saving money and debt reduction instead of restoring the damage to our communities caused by years of cuts.

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If our legislators looked at the real story about California’s revenue drought, they’d see that three decades of an eroding tax base due to Proposition 13’s commercial property tax provisions caused great harm in our communities.

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