Monthly Archives: May 2014

Local Groups Push for Equity in Our Schools

California Calls’ massive push to motivate new and occasional voters to go to the polls in record numbers in November 2012 resulted in a voter surge which helped to pass Prop 30.  Since then, we have monitored how the Prop 30 funds are being spent.  Last spring we surveyed over 93,000 voters about how the…

California Calls Cares Across Generations

The proposed state budget includes an 8% cut in the total hours of care that over 400,000 elderly and disabled Californian’s will receive through In-Home Supportive Services. These cuts will also restrict the number of hours a caregiver may work each week to avoid overtime costs and force many low-income  recipients to hire additional support….

California Calls’ Voters Reach Out to Legislative Leaders

In April, California Calls’ member organizations met with over 15 legislative leaders in districts where we have a deep supportive voter base to build relationships and discuss our policy agenda. These delegations brought to life the challenges our voters face and the significance of our work.  Grassroots leaders shared stories about the impact of Prop…