Our Voters

At the heart of the California Calls’ strategy is a belief that we build power when residents talk to each other about solutions to the problems affecting us all and agree to take action—whether voting or just talking to another neighbor. It’s that simple.

This is why two to three times per year, grassroots leaders from California Calls Anchor organizations across the state reach out to voters to educate and engage them in solving our state’s chronic budget crisis. We are reaching hundreds of thousands of voters through the use of cutting-edge technology as well as more traditional methods like knocking on doors. To date, we have talked to nearly 1 million voters and identified 625,000 of them as supporters.

November 2014 – Midterm Election

In November 2014, California Calls Action Fund joined forces with PICO California Action Fund to ask voters: Will you vote ‘yes’ to support Prop 47? California Calls Action Fund contacted 145,282 and identified 100,754 as supporters of Prop 47. On election day 54% of supporters went to the polls – a turnout rate 12 points higher than voters statewide.

May 2014

As California’s leaders debated the 2014-15 budget and whether to end cuts for the first time in recent history, we asked 92,638 voters: Do you think California should invest in education, health and other services instead of putting the money away? 82% agreed that it was time to invest in our communities over savings or debt repayment.

October/November 2013

Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, began on October 1, 2013. During our 11th statewide grassroots outreach campaign we asked 101,811 voters if they supported the Affordable Care Act, and if they planned to sign up for the new program. Of the 76% of the voters contacted, 77,483 said they support ACA.

May 2013

As the annual state budget moved toward its conclusion, we asked 93,037 voters who helped pass Prop 30 in November 2012: Do you think schools with the biggest needs should get extra funding? 83% of these voters said yes and were identified as supporters.

November 2012 – Presidential Election

In November 2012, California Calls Action Fund asked 666,202 voters: Will you vote to support Prop 30 by voting yes? The Reclaim California’s Future coalition identified 490,344 as Prop 30 supporters, an unprecedented scale for a community-based field program.

June 2012

During the crucial presidential election campaign, we asked 122,917 voters: Do you agree that profitable corporations and millionaires should be doing more to support schools and universities, health care and other programs we all need? 98,974 said yes and were identified as supporters of fiscal policy reform.

March 2012

We asked 78,352 voters: We need government to work better, and a fair tax system in which corporations and the very wealthy pay. Do you agree? 56,911 answered yes and were identified as supporters.

October 2011

We asked 109,153 voters the question: Do you support raising taxes on the very rich to bring balance and fairness to our tax system? 84,526 of them said yes and were identified as supporters.

June 2011

We asked 96,229 voters the question: Do you think the California State Legislature should keep taxes at current rates to close the State’s budget gap? 67,210 of them answered yes and were identified as supporters of fiscal policy reform.

November 2010 – General Elections

In November 2010 our sister 501c4 organization, California Calls Action Fund, asked 171,000 voters: Do you support Prop 25, an initiative that would allow state legislators to pass the budget based on majority rule? 122,000 of them said yes and were identified as supporters of Prop 25.