The Pressure’s On: 1,000,000 Signatures Needed by May 7th

The new measure requires 807,615 valid signatures to be submitted by May 7th.  We plan to collect as many signatures as possible from members, neighbors, workplaces and college campuses.

Without qualifying and passing this initiative in November, California will automatically institute $5.4 billion in “trigger cuts” – further decimating K-12, higher education, and human services.

A paid signature-gathering effort, financed with over $6 million pledged by the Governor, the California Federation of Teachers and other key labor unions, will secure most of the needed signature requirement.  California Calls and our coalition allies plan to exceed our earlier goal and produce 40,000 or more signatures from volunteers by April 27th.

For petitions, please contact the California Calls office at: 323-735-9515